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23rd June Wellington Vegan Nutrition Workshop

By popular demand, Brisbane based Vegan Dietitian is hosting their first double vegan nutrition workshop in Wellington!

We will host our two most popular workshops:
1. Vegan Nutritional Deficiencies - learn from common vegan mistakes
2. Why Plant Based - let's change this vegan junk food craze 

We do not like wasting people's time, so after presenting 45 Vegan Workshops we have noted down the main problems and concerns. In no particular order, we found that people were troubled by:

  • Painful symptoms from nutritional deficiencies
  • Lack of Energy, fatigue and focus
  • Scared of catching a disease or aging too fast
  • Weight management or fat removal

People just like you from around Australia who have been to both workshops can vouch that it was the most amazing thing they learnt. And plus, every question that you could think of asking will be covered in either of the two workshops.

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Workshop 1: Vegan Nutritional Deficiencies - learn from common vegan mistakes

The first part of the workshop is to understand why being vegan is the best choice to make to become healthy, using evidence-based research. Then, we go into the common pitfalls, misunderstandings and reasons why people fail on a vegan diet. Why do some people get nutritient deficiencies on a vegan diet and how to prevent it with food combination.

• What to eat to be a healthy vegan?
• How to stay away from nutrient deficiency as a vegan?
• Why do some vegans experience weakness, fatigue, higher bone fractures and nerve damage?
• What hidden ingredients are harmful to your health and how to remove them?
• Why is it important and when is the proper time to eat different types of meals?
• What food combination can do to maximise nutrient absorptions?


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Workshop 2: Why Plant Based - let's change this vegan junk food craze 

The second part of the workshop addresses a common myth - if you are vegan, you are healthy. There is no such thing, we want to move on from the vegan junk food trend, and bring it to a healthier, better level - Whole food Plant based. We talk about about the painful symptoms you risk by being a junk food vegan,  and how plant-based food can fuel your energy, boost immune system and

• What does whole food plant based really mean?
• Find out the dangers and warning signs of nutritional labelling
• Do you know what ingredients popular food companies or restaurants use that may be harmful to your health?
• Do you want to learn the latest tricks and tips that you never heard of to lose fat the fastest way?
• Understand the reasons why the gut microbiome is crucial to your health and well being.

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This is a workshop for everyone where you will learn something that you will not regret. The pricing is as follows below:
1. Come to the first workshop (1:00pm-3:00pm) - $50
2. Come to both workshops (3:30pm-5:30pm) - $100

We will have a 30 minute lunch in between the workshops to recharge our energy.

I want to give you extra value for those of you who are serious about their health and nutrition and want to attend both workshops by offering a complimentary food diary analysis (One day record is fine). To get the maximum value, please provide the food diary at least 3 days prior to the workshop to give us time to take a look at it.

To attend the workshop, please purchase your tickets directly below. Or simply send us a friendly message on our page Vegan Palette, or simply call 0400791668 (with the Australian extension).

The amount of value and knowledge we are giving out, is priceless. This is not just a presentation, it will be active (through conversations, questions, and discussions) to help retain the information and to help initiate new habits and behaviours. And best of all, meet new friends with the same mindset as you.

We have a limit of 20 seats. Our workshops have always been popular. To secure your spot this time, send us a quick message, and we will help you out.

What You Will Get on The Day!

Copy of Online Program

Vegan Palette Workshop Handbook

Professional & Comfortable Setting to Learn

Meet & Make New Friends!

"We have reduced the prices for the first time to reflect New Zealand Currency instead of Australian Currency. For both Workshops the amount will be $100 NZ, and for the first workshop it will be $50 NZ. Thank you!"

If you like to come and learn at both workshops, click the link below to reserve your spot, we can't wait to teach you!

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If you like to come and learn at one workshop, click the link below to reserve your spot, we can't wait to teach you!

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