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How to respond to the ignorant and hurtful comments on your “non-filling”, “deficient”, “flavour-less” vegan meals is probably one of the most annoying things that every vegan has to prepare for at some point.


Have you ever wondered why it is still so hard for vegans to eat in peace, despite all the documentaries, research, slaughterhouse videos, celebrities, news articles all talking about veganism loud and clear?


It is still generally considered that vegans have to give up many enjoyable things in life to love animals, locked away from all the yummy foods. Why?


Miki Mottes, a vegan illustrator who made Simple Happy Kitchen, raised a good point. Maybe all the public is seeing is the disturbing despite truthful images of slaughterhouses, but not so much of the enjoyable, and nutritious food we have.


If you think about it: how did the meat, tobacco or milk industry lure us into buying their products? – Relaxing, sweet and fun campaigns. The milk ads often involve adorable babies, the cigarettes ads often elicit a relaxing feeling and the meat campaigns do it the best – they zoom right into the splashing juice when grilling a steak. Aren’t these just irresistible?


If there is a more gentle, fun, and easy way to tell your friends, or the haters, about veganism, how will you feel?


I would be so relieved. I don’t have to waste my time showing the truth for the 1000th time to that colleague who just never wants to take my words! I don’t have to go find some corner and eat my lunch alone just to avoid communication on this topic!


Miki understood that for more people to understand our lifestyle, and that we don’t suffer from just eating plant foods, we have to show them veganism is fun, simple, and nutritious.


SO..She turned


She turned this boring bar graph


Her illustrations are simple, uplifting, evidence-based, and easy for anyone (even the stonehearted) to take in, bits by bit.


And guess what? If you are struggling to explain vegan nutrition to a friend, your little one, or simply anyone, Miki has cool illustrations like this one:


Now. Do you think people will feel we are suffering from this vegan diet? Do you think people will say we are just imposing our beliefs onto them?


For the health of humans, animals and the planet, we need to keep doing the good work we are doing telling the truth, living the life, but also showing how enjoyable this lifestyle can be!


We need to be intelligent at the approach we use to spread the love, and Miki has offered us great tools!


You can freely download Miki’s Protein, Calcium and Iron printable posters here, even in different languages!


We should thank all the vegans out there for doing the great work protecting the animals, the planet and human health. If you would like to support Miki’s gentle approach, check out her book How to go vegan – the simple happy kitchen.


I hope you all find this tool helpful, and keep spreading the love!


*All images in this blog belong to Miki Mottes and can be found on her website – Simple Happy Kitchen


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About the author


Raymond Setiadi is an Australian Accredited Practising Dietitian and is the founder of Vegan Palette,  a Brisbane-based dietitian practice.

As an expert in whole food plant-based nutrition and fat loss strategies, Raymond has a comprehensive understanding of the interplay between food,  human physiology, goal-directed psychology, and how they all play a pivotal role in one’s pursuit of optimal health.

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