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Vegan nutrition

Best Vegan Nutrition Websites

  • Vegan Health: Vegan Health is among the most reliable and comprehensive sources of information about vegan diets. It is helpful for existing vegans who just want to check if they are meeting daily needs as well as new vegans.
  • Viva La Vegan: Viva La Vegan is a great multimedia community for vegans in Australia. The website if filled with valuable content including guides, recipes, interviews, podcasts and blogs.
  • Vegetarian Resource Group: Houses resources on nutrition, recipes, events, business and many more.
  • Non-commercial, science-based education provided by Dr. Michael Greger, explaining latest plant-based nutrition research.
  • Offers helpful information about plant-based lifestyle: eating, clothing, shopping etc.
  • Vegan Australia: Information on vegan nutrition as well as events in Australia.
  • Plant based Health Australia: Research-based information on plant-based nutrition, weight management, medical conditions, based in Australia.

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