We have hosted more than 30 Vegan Nutrition workshops all around Australia. In these workshops, we help people understand where to get all the nutrients on a plant-based lifestyle, how to prevent deficiencies, improve vitality, manage weight and live more happily. We have received lots of positive feedback for these workshops.


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Raymond Setiadi is an experienced Accredited Practising Dietitian. He is passionate about assisting people on a plant-based journey by offering accurate, accountable, and applicable nutritional and lifestyle assistance.


Our dietitian consultations can be tailored to your unique needs and health conditions.


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Personalised coaching

Professional support and constant encouragement are indispensable for any journey. We share your passion, and have the professional knowledge to help you achieve your goals. Partnering with us will bring you faster progress, dietitian support and a loving community.


We have helped over 50 people personally with:

  • Transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle
  • Preventing nutrient deficiency
  • Understanding the research behind plant-based lifestyle
  • Improving everyday energy level
  • Natural weight management


Tell us tour journey

We want to know you! No matter what cause it is that made you consider a plant-based lifestyle, we are so proud of you and can't wait to offer our support to make sure you live your dreams and thrive. Message us on Facebook - Vegan Palette or send an email to raymond@veganpalette.com.


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Partner to achieve your goals

Need professional support for your goals? We are thrilled to partner with you. Be it nutrition check, diet transition, weight loss, or getting a community, we are the right people to get you to the finish line and much further beyond. Don't hesitate to contact us for these amazing opportunities.