Personalised Nutrition Coaching

Journey with Vegan Palette's accredited dietitian, nutritionist

Why a consultation package is beneficial for you?

For transitions to a plant-based lifestyle, dealing with specific health concerns, or weight management, you need continuous support from an experienced dietitian. This package is designed to offer you support along the journey, save your frustrations, worries and uncertainties.

Professional support
accredited nutritionst
accredited practising dietitian
dietitians association of australia
Hours Dietitian Consultations
Online educational Videos
Emails & phone calls

Limited discount price (2019 only): $895

Package includes

  • Initial dietitian appointment ($100 Value)
  • 8 half-hour¬†review appointments at a reduced price ($480 Value)
  • Unlimited dietitian email communication between appointments ($400 Value)
  • 12 week Nutrition Champion Video Program ($800Value)
  • 12 Week Powerful Identity Video Program ($800 Value)
  • 12 Week Energy Enhancement Video Program ($800 Value)

This includes all the standard consultation services, along with many specialised plant-based nutrition resources and meal planning.

* Medicare rebates are available for individuals with a GP management plan. Contact your GP to check if you are eligible. Private health funds offer rebates for dietitian consults. Check your policy with your health insurer. You are encouraged to check out Services page for more information or get in touch directly.