1 month Heal Yourself Program

Journey with Vegan Palette's accredited dietitian, nutritionist

Why you need a 1 month Heal Yourself Program?

Our society and environment may have led us to consume unhealthy food and which may have led to many internal and external sicknesses. If you want to stop this process, start healing yourself and want a better future, then this program is for you. Whether you have an internal or external sickness or disease, if you want to change, want the support, the knowledge to succeed, this program is for you.

We Will Support You
You Will Love Your New Self
1 month heal yourself program
accredited nutritionst
accredited practising dietitian
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What do I mean by internal or external sickness or disease?

We can cater this program to your specific needs. The Dietitian Consultation and Home Study Kit will teach you the basics of nutrition, and help with your particular need, which may be:

  • External Sickness: Excess fat, hair loss, acne, pale skin
  • Internal sickness: cholesterol, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, diabetes, fatty organs, altered hormones, gut disturbances

Natural Side Effects of Living a Vegan Plant Based Lifestyle

  1. The immune system and the body will improve and start healing start away. Let our hormones, antioxidants, phytonutrients and gut microbiome do its job!
  2. Fat Loss just naturally happens. For some reason, the weight just falls off, and you will need to buy new clothes to flaunt your your body 😉
  3. Gut health improves! Much less constipation, diarrhoea, stomach aches, intolerance to certain foods. Your body, in this case your body organs will feel like it is working in unison.
  4. Fatigue gone! Energy Unlimited! One word, you will feel "amazing"
Dietitian Consultation
Digital Resources
Update calls & emails

1 month Heal Yourself Program

Package includes

  • 1-hour Dietitian Appointment
  • 2 Review Appointments (30mins)
  • 3 weekly update calls or emails
  • Home Study Kit (Shopping List + Meal Plans + Recipes)
  • Food Plate Guide
  • Ebooks, Nutrition Checklist & Other Printables
  • Progress Journal

We will do the work for you and provide you will a personalised plan just for you. **One Size Fits All, does not work**

* Medicare rebates are available for individuals with a GP management plan. Contact your GP to check if you are eligible. Private health funds offer rebates for dietitian consults. Check your policy with your health insurer. You are encouraged to check out Services page for more information or get in touch directly.

My name is Raymond, and you can contact me privately below:

  • If you like to have a conversation with me, my best mobile to call is 0400791668
  • If you prefer email, due to your busy lifestyle, email me at raymond@veganpalette.com

1 month heal yourself program


If you are serious about changing your health for the better while keeping the weight off, commit to the 1 month Lean & Tone Program and our dietitian Raymond will be your mentor, coach and best friend on this journey. Before the first appointment, we will chat over the phone/text to get to know each other briefly and talk about how to prepare for your transformation. You could contact us before or after the purchase to set up a time, or leave your details in the checkout page for us to contact you. Our dietitian is based in Brisbane but also offers online video consultations!


As part of the program, you will receive a lot of exclusive resources too!

1 month heal yourself program

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