9th December Gold Coast Vegan Nutrition Workshop

This year Brisbane based Vegan Dietitian is finally hosting a double vegan nutrition workshop again in Gold Coast!

We will host our two most popular workshops:
1. Complete guide to Vegan & Plant Based Nutrition
2. Vegan Meal Planning, Gut Health and Fat Loss Nutrition

All clients from Brisbane who have been to both workshops can vouch that it was the most amazing thing they learnt. And plus, every question that you could think of asking will be covered in either of the two workshops

For Workshop One you will be learning the following:
• What to eat to be a healthy vegan?
• How to make sure you are not nutrient deficient as a vegan?
• Why vegans feel weak, fatigue, have higher bone fractures and nerve damage?
• What ingredients are harmful to you health and needs to minimised or removed from your diet?
• When is the proper time to eat different types of meals?
• What food combination to improve absorptions of particular nutrients?

For Workshop Two you will be learning the following:
• Do you understand how to read nutritional labels?
• Do you know what ingredients popular food companies or restaurants use that may be harmful to your health?
• Do you know when to eat your meals?
• What food combinations to improve absorption of particular nutrients?
• Why is the gut so vital in our bodies?
• Do you want to learn the latest tricks and tips that you never heard of to lose fat the proper way?
• How to make it yummy/delicious/delicious so we and our friends can enjoy eating it?

Nevertheless, this is a workshop for everyone where you will learn something that you will not regret. The pricing is as follows below:
1. Come to the first workshop (10:30am-12:30pm) – $50
2. Come to both workshops (12:30pm-2:30pm) – $100.

I want to give you extra value for those of you who are serious about their health and nutrition and want to attend both workshops by offering a complimentary food diary analysis. To get the maximum value, please provide the food diary at least 3 days prior to the workshop to give us time to take a look at it.

To attend the workshop, please send us a private message on our page Vegan Palette, or simply ask us if you have any questions. We are friendly ^^

The amount of value and knowledge we am giving out, is priceless, I am putting out everything I know, so you know exactly what you need to do to live a vegan lifestyle. This is not just a presentation, it will be active (through conversations, questions, and discussions) to help retain the information and to help initiate new habits and behaviours. And best of all, meet new friends with the same mindset as you

We have a limit of 10 seats. Our workshops have always been popular. To secure your spot this time, send us a quick message, and we will help you out.

If you like to come and learn at both workshops, click the link below to reserve your spot, we can’t wait to teach you!

purchase your workshop ticket below 🙂

If you like to come and learn at one workshop, click the link below to reserve your spot, we can’t wait to teach you!

purchase your workshop ticket below 🙂