3 Day Vegan Plant-based Challenge

These are common struggles that people have, do you relate?

I discovered that animal foods were unhealthy, I felt conflicted and worried when eating them and feeding them to my family.

I got sick often, felt tired and slow on most days. Digestion always felt like a chore.

Eating animal foods also gave me an ethical burden, how could I say I am an animal lover and still eat them?

I knew I needed to change for my body, mind and the animals I cared. But I didn't know where to start.

I was worried about nutrient deficiencies, getting ill and feeling even weaker.

If So, Let's Change It!


My journey

It all started 9 years ago around my 21st Birthday. I was like most University students, studying for a career that I was not 100% passionate in, and my time was closing in before I would join the rat race and work 9-5pm. Thankfully, 1 year prior to this, I became insanely interested in fitness, which led me to learn the basics about nutrition. Initally, I got into fitness to improve my physical apperance, but I also had problems that included bloating, gas, acne, constipation, stubborn tummy fat, gastric reflux, and constant R18+ nightmares, oh it was terrible! I was reading, reading and reading everything I could to learn more about nutrition, when I should of been focused on my Architecture Bachelor studies. 10 years later, I am glad I did, not only did my problems disappear, but I am now helping so many people transform their lives around! Oh one other added benefit, I am proud not to be working a 9:00am-5:00pm job, instead a 24 hr passion.

Raymond Setiadi - APD Dietitian, Vegan Palette

Here's What You'll Get in the Challenge

Dietitian Guidebook

This is a great book from our accredited practicing dietitian, which offers you a solid foundation to start transforming your health.

Meal Plan

You'll receive the recipes that I cook for my own family. The meal plan includes tips, servings, and detailed instructions.

Grocery Shopping List

We provide you a full shopping list, organized by food groups, to sure you get all your nutrients from whole foods!

10 Minute Dietitian Call

We also would like to learn about you - your unique goals and struggles. You will get to speak with an accredited practicing dietitian over the phone.

30 Minute Nutrition Webinar

This group webinar covers critical nutrition principles regarding the vegan plant-based lifestyle. It outlines common pitfuls and solutions.

Daily Workbook

This is where we do some inner work to reflect on your progress during and beyond this challenge!

Next Real Time Webinar Starts On Monday 8th April, 6pm, Brisbane Time.