Accredited Dietitic Consultations

Trust Yourself and Transform Your Body From The Inside Out!

People often ask, what do I gain or what benefits do I get If I see a Dietitian? In this case, a Vegan Palette Dietitian

Some of the benefits that you will experience will include:

  • A whole body integrative natural healing system
  • Understand how to maximise your health and ultimately your quality of life
  • Get quality feedback about your nutrition and make sure you are reducing your risk of dying early or catching an illness or condition

The main reasons that people come and see a Dietitian:

  • Little energy and poor mental focus
  • Slow digestion and trouble gut health
  • Unable to lose weight (in this case fat) no matter how hard they try to exercise and limit their food
  • Have nutritional deficiencies that are causing them internal or external pains
  • Want to make sure they are doing everything right to make sure they can be as healthy as they can be

Meet our plant-based dietitian, nutritionist Raymond

As an expert in whole food plant-based nutrition and fat loss strategies, Raymond turns research-based scientific knowledge personalised and practical lifestyle advice. Raymond aims to provide personalised services to help every client reach their unique personal goals. He has a comprehensive understanding of the interplay between food,  human physiology, goal-directed psychology, and how they all play a pivotal role in one's pursuit of optimal health. Raymond specialises in addressing problems resulted from a poor modern lifestyle, including overweight, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies and sensitivities.

Raymond holds a strong interest in plant-based nutrition and lifestyle prevention & management of chronic diseases. He has helped many clients transition to a plant-based diet, correct nutrition deficiency and increase everyday energy level. As a past personal trainer, Raymond also understands how proper physical activities can improve health.