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Get To Know Who Runs Vegan Palette

We love living the healthy plant-based lifestyle and what we love even more is seeing your lives make a complete transformation! 

Hi there! We are Raymond & Rainie, a young couple from Australia that's passionate about healthy eating and fitness. Our lifestyle activities include plant-based eating, group fitness exercises, photography, earthing, travelling, science, philosophy, and positively impacting the world has brought us together to build a website with our passion and knowledge. After we turned whole food plant-based eating a variety of colourful plant foods, we can't stop but spread the message of the truth of health and longevity.

We are always happy to help you via email, it does not matter how big or small your problem is, you are welcome to send us a message and we will happily support you the best way we can. If we are not teaching, presenting, working on the computer or researching new articles, you can find us doing group fitness classes, taking photos, making or dinning delicious colourful plant-based food, or experiencing the world.


Accredited Practising Dietitian

Raymond Setiadi is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and is the founder of Vegan Palette,  a Brisbane-based dietitian practice.

As an expert in whole food plant-based nutrition and fat loss strategies, Raymond turns research-based scientific knowledge personalised and practical lifestyle advice. Raymond aims to provide personalised services to help every client reach their unique personal goals. He has a comprehensive understanding of the interplay between food,  human physiology, goal-directed psychology, and how they all play a pivotal role in one's pursuit of optimal health. Raymond specialises in addressing problems resulted from a poor modern lifestyle, including overweight, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies and sensitivities.

Raymond holds a strong interest in plant-based nutrition and lifestyle prevention & management of  chronic diseases. He has helped many clients transition to a plant-based diet, correct nutrition deficiency and increase everyday energy level. As a past personal trainer, Raymond also understand how proper physical activities can improve health.


  • Accredited Practising Dietitian (DAA number: 16-637)
  • Bachelor of Nutrition and exercise (University of Queensland)
  • Master of Dietetics (University of Queensland)
  • Master Personal Trainer (Institute of Fitness)
  • Nature's Sunshine Natural Medcine Certificate

The Vegan Palette Lifestyle change resulted in:

  • Lean & Toned Body
  • High Energy and Mental Focus
  • More Confidence & Positive Thinking
  • Strong Immune System
  • Eliminate Gastric Reflux
  • Little bloating, extra water weight, and gas
  • Much Less Nightmares
  • Less Stress & Anxiety
accredited nutritionst
accredited practising dietitian
dietitians association of australia

Researcher & Science communicator

Rainie graduated with a Bachelor degree in biomedical science (Class I Honours) from the University of Queensland. She had 3 years of research experience in the "Brain development & disorders" laboratory at the Queensland Brain Institute. She is also a practical demonstrator for university physiology courses at UQ. Currently, Rainie is preparing to start her PhD in UQ Centre for Clinical Research, investigating female reproductive health and fertility.

After being exposed to the WFPB concepts, Rainie became passionate about investigating the effects of lifestyle choices such as nutrition, on the health of human gametes, pregnancy and newborn babies.

She is also a fitness enthusiast and has optimised her body composition and athletic performance by transitioning to a WFPB lifestyle.

Rainie loves to keep learning, keeping up with the latest research and communicating what she learned to the public. Through extensive literature reading, she realised that a whole food, plant-based lifestyle is beneficial for many aspects of our health and thereafter, she continued living this way and helping more people get healthier through nutrition and fitness.



  • University of Queesnland: Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Class I Honours) with Dean’s academic commendation of academic excellence
  • Wageningen University: Certificate in Nutrition and Health: Human Microbiome
  • HarvardX: Certificate in Principles of Biochemistry
  • MITx: Certificate in Introduction to Biology
  • MITx: Certificate in Molecular Biology
  • MITx: Certificate in Making Biologic Medicines for Patients

The Vegan Palette Lifestyle change resulted in:

  • Fat Loss
  • Better Skin and Faster Growing Hair
  • Mastering Food Cravings & Loving Healthy Food
  • More Energy Throughout The Day and Especially at Night
  • Confidence Boost
  • Loving Fitness