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Vegan Nutrition

Complete guidance to plant-based nutrition. Help you prevent deficiency and live with vitality.

Weight Loss

Using lifestyle approaches to manage weight and become healthier at the same time.

Lifestyle coaching

Personalised coaching to healthy transitions to a plant-based lifestyle.

Our Services

In addition to free educational content that you can access on our facebook and youtube pages, we also offer affordable services to help you thrive on a plant-based lifestyle.

Vegan Palette's guide to healthy vegan diet

Your Goals, Our Journey

No matter which cause led you to become or want to become a vegan, be it health, animals, environment, we are proud of you and we feel you. We want to be a supportive part of your amazing journey when you accomplish your goals and live your values. The practical nutrition and lifestyle guidances we provide are based on scientific research and your own unique needs. We hope our services can provide you with optimal physical and mental wellbeing on your pursuit of a great cause.

Our practices are based on the latest scientific research journal articles. We also endorse knowledge from a range of vegan doctors including Dr. Michael Greger from Nutrionfacts.org.

Check out our own nutrition resources and others on the Resources page.

Incredible Journeys



Blood test is all good! I got a cold the other day, and it only took 2 days to recover, normally it would take a week.



Lost 5 kgs in one and a half months! Learning about portion sizing and nutrient intake. Cutting coffee helped me reduce the amount of headaches and skin is a lot clearer. I can get up with energy at 5am instead of 7am.

Lives influenced


I’ve lost 20 kgs since we started without even trying! Just by making simple changes to my diet. I’m so motivated now to keep on going 😀

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