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No matter which cause led you to become or want to become a vegan, be it health, animals, environment, we are proud of you and we feel you. We want to be a supportive part of your amazing journey when you accomplish your goals and live your values. The practical nutrition and lifestyle guidances we provide are based on scientific research and your own unique needs. We hope our services can provide you with optimal physical and mental wellbeing on your pursuit of a great cause.

Our practices are based on the latest scientific research journal articles. We also endorse knowledge from a range of vegan doctors including Dr. Michael Greger from and Dr. Neal Barnard from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

The roles of micronutrients in your immune function explained

Your immunes system has an elaborate army of warriors that defend you against vicious pathogens. There are specialized immune cells, physical and chemical barriers, as well as antibodies that can specifically tackle familiar pathogens. However, when it comes to brand new enemies like the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, even this intricate system can fail. Every stage […]

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What should you know about coronavirus

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is our latest global public health emergency that is spreading at a concerning rate. But the most confusing thing is that different countries are giving out completely different advice. China: Nationwide lockdowns and cancelations of events, strict social distancing and home guarantee, face marks are essential, strict tracking of contacts and […]

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How to make fermented vegetables at home for better gut health (Science+Recipe)

Why should you care about gut health? As we covered in multiple blogs already, Gut Health is such an important topic that links to all aspects of your health. In our modern-day SAD-prevalent society (SAD=Standard American Diet), sugar, salt, saturated fat, bad habits, and poor lifestyles are ruining people’s gut health. This is why we have […]

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How to boost your immune system with food and prepare the fight for coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak from Wuhan, China has taken the lives of over 100 people in just a month. Around 5000 people have been confirmed infected as of today and a lot more are being tested for the virus. The world is getting anxious that this little virus may cause a global disaster.   What should […]

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2019 New Medicare Changes for Eating Disorders – Dietitian support

Australia has finally realised the importance of helping individuals with eating disorders! On the 1st of November 2019, Medicare Australia has 64 new medicare item numbers for helping individuals with eating disorders. Individuals that meet the eligible criteria, will be able to part of the Eating Disorder Plan (EDP). This treatment plan will help and […]

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Plant-based Parental Nutrition: ​ Effects on Fertility and Pregnancy

How important is parental nutrition? Absolutely critical! We’ve had some big epidemiology studies that collected huge amounts of data from diabetic, obese mums, and those who suffered the great famine period, collectively showing that overnutrition, undernutrition or a poorly diversified diet are associated with epigenetic changes and lifelong consequences in the offspring. Is a vegan […]

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Eating a Vegan Burger Improves Your Diabetes. Or does it?

Ok, ok, let’s clear up the possible miss understanding. There are definitely other meal options that are healthier and better for your diabetes and health. In this blog we will uncover a recent study that compared eating a vegan burger versus eating a meat burger and how it effect diabetes or health status. The crazy […]

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Considering the ketogenic diet? Read and think again

You probably know someone on the “Keto” diet or are tempted by the claims that this special diet helped many people lose weight in just 10 days. What is this magic diet that everyone talks about? Does it really work? Is it safe? What is the ketogenic diet? The keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat […]

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Cheat Day Vegan Burgers in Brisbane (mouth-watering photos included)

As much as we encourage everyone to live a whole food plant-based lifestyle to the best of our ability, there might just be those days when you want to treat yourself to a vegan burger. Or you might want to impress your vegan-curious friends that vegan burgers might actually taste better! It’s great to see […]

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